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Is the Dreaded Zika Virus another Giant Scam?

Story Source: The Daily Sheeple Editorial Comment: Could the Zika virus currently driving Latin America and other countries into panic of epidemic proportions, if you’ll excuse the pun, actually be

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‘Fortifying’ flour is forced medication of the public. It is dangerous and immoral.

The UK government is currently considering making it compulsory for flour producers to artificially add folic acid to their produce,

Study: so-called ‘smart drug’ Modafinil doesn’t work, but there are natural alternatives

Source: Natural News Editorial Comment: A new study shows that the so-called ‘smart drug’ Modafinil does not work, and can

Kent University professor calls for moratorium on water fluoridation

Source: Natural News Editorial Comment: The practice of adding Fluoride to drinking water was originally pioneered by the Nazis in

22,000 American Nurses Refuse ‘Mandatory’ Vaccines

Source: Natural Society Editorial Comment: It doesn’t say much for the supposed safety of vaccines – many of them the

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